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Artists for Kids program explores different ways of imagining the image

March 05, 2019

​by Victoria Jackson / Contributing writer


This is my first year participating in the Artist for Kids program.

Before this, I had never had the chance to work with studio equipment like strobe lights and backdrops. When we started in the studio I didn’t realize how many artist decisions are up to the photographer. You are in charge of choosing the right camera and lighting settings all at the same time.

One of my highlights was taking photos in the studio on the first day. It was a totally new environment and I feel that I was learning and having my mind blown all day.

Also, I am so grateful to have an opportunity to work with so many talented and artists and teachers. I have learned so much about composition, lighting choices and how to think outside of the box while taking photos.

I also was inspired by all the other students in the program with me. Their photography and artwork were so creative and beautiful and some ideas I would have never thought of.

I am very happy I got to do this program and I believe it has changed the way I take and view art and photography.

Victoria Jackson is a student at Carson Graham Secondary.

Editor's Note:

Artists for Kids is on display at Gordon Smith Gallery, March 4–7. (

Artists for Kids offers various programs that support focused training for elementary and secondary students with professional artists at the AFK Studios. Each year, in the Mentoring Emerging Young Artists programs, North Vancouver secondary students participate in three-day intensive programs, focusing on a specific topic.

Fashion photography, landscape and the built environment have all been explored in previous years by students in the AFK photography mentorship. This year secondary students worked with Fiona Ackerman in a painting workshop and with Birthe Piontek in a photography workshop. The work of 18 students will be on display at the Gordon Smith Gallery from Monday, March 4 through Thursday, March 7.

The process the students went through in the photography program involved photographing a subject (human or other object) and then selecting four images for printing. From these images students used a variety of techniques and technologies, including collaging, scanning, photocopying and painting, etc. Finally students worked with installation and re-photographing their work to once again be presented as a photograph.

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