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Argyle Cheer Team places 2nd at Worlds

February 25, 2019

2nd Place Team.jpg

The Argyle Cheer Team recently returned from the World High School Competition in Florida with great news - The team placed 2nd in their division and first amongst all Canadian teams!

The team is comprised of 17 athletes from grades 8 - 12. Their trip to the world championships went above and beyond all expectations. The team enjoyed Disney World and the sunshine to the fullest extent by going to the parks each day in between practices and competition times. The competition this year was really tight and the energy of the event was contagious. Everyone was extremely talented, which pushed the Argyle team harder to perform at their very best.

There winning cheer routine was flawless. The team completed the routine with no falls or mistakes – known as a “HIT ZERO” in the cheer world. 

"We really could not have done better than we did.  Our goal is always to complete the routine with zero deductions and we achieved this goal! Our cheer section received some of the highest scores across all categories and our music section was praised to be of exceptional technique," explained Danielle Stickney, one of the coaches of the Argyle Cheer Team.

The team fed off of each other's energy; throughout each section, smiles became bigger and brighter and the team could feel that they were hitting from the energy of their teammates. 

"You cannot replicate the feeling of finishing your best routine possible on the Worlds mat. It is truly incredible. We were so happy with our routine that we would have been happy coming in last place. As they were announcing placements, every name called we thought could be us. They called top 5, top 3, then our name in 2nd place! We couldn’t have been more proud of ourselves," said Stickney.

The team is now going to continue progressing their skills as the season is not over yet. They will be adding in a few athletes who could not make the trip, adding some difficulty, and continuing to have a great time. The team's next stops are:

  • Sea to Sky International Championships April 5 - 7, 2019
  • BC Provincial Championships April 13, 2019

The Argyle Cheer Team is growing in size, with a good group of senior athletes who have helped develop the younger athletes really quickly. Overall, it is a young, up-and-coming team with loads of potential.

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