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Staff, Students and Parents/Guardian Letter: Detailed radon testing

December 19, 2018


December 19, 2018

Dear Staff, Students and Parents/Guardians:

Subject: Results – Detailed radon testing     

We are pleased to inform you that results of detailed follow-up radon testing during operational hours show that all areas of Capilano Elementary School have radon levels below Canadian and World Health Organization guidelines.

In November 2018, Pinchin Ltd was contracted by the North Vancouver School District to conduct continuous radon monitoring within Capilano Elementary School. This detailed monitoring was carried out to follow up on the results of long-term sampling conducted from January to May 2018. Throughout the school, the long-term test results were below the Canadian guideline for radon levels, which is 200 Becquerels per cubic metre (Bq/m³). Within three rooms (classroom 103, classroom 104 and the library) radon levels were below 200 Bq/m³ but above 100 Bq/m³, which is the World Health Organization's guideline. The North Vancouver School District requested more detailed monitoring to ensure radon levels are below 100 Bq/m³ in all areas of the school during operational hours.

Results from the November 2018 detailed radon monitoring show that radon levels during operational hours are below 100 Bq/m³ in all three rooms that had previously tested higher. The previous results were averages that included times when the school is closed and ventilation systems are not running, such as nights and weekends. The results show that when the school is open and ventilation systems are running as they normally do, radon levels are below the World Health Organization's guidelines. Radon is a naturally occurring gas produced by the decay of uranium in rock, soil or water that gathers in buildings. Ventilation systems are proven methods of reducing radon gas levels in buildings.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as the detailed testing was carried out this fall. Student and staff safety is the school district's top priority.

Vancouver Coastal Health continues to encourage families to test their homes for radon because children and adults spend most of their time at home. Testing should be done during the winter. Please refer to this fact sheet for more information on how you can test your home for radon.



Dr. Mark Lysyshyn                                         Mr. Mark Pearmain

Medical Health Officer                                   Superintendent of Schools

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