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NVSD Elementary School Garden Competition

September 17, 2018

To recognize how garden-based education can support NVSD’s goal of providing leadership in environmental education and sustainability practices, we are giving away a self-watering planter box handcrafted by Lifespace Gardens in North Vancouver.    

NVSD Lifespace Planter.jpeg

The contest is open to all elementary schools in the North Vancouver School District. To enter, elementary schools must submit a “proposal” outlining how they will use the planter box. The form of the proposal is up to you (video, poster, story, presentation, song, etc.). Have fun with it!

Submission Tips

You might want to explain: 
  • How will the planter be used to educate students? 
  • What exactly will you use the planter for and who will specifically be involved? 
  • What is it about your school or initiative that makes it stand out?
  • How might the planter be used to facilitate collaboration and “cross pollination” between staff members? 
  • How might the planter support NVSD’s sustainability goals and/or your school’s “strategic plan”?
  • Where might the planter be located at your school? (it is “self-watering” but needs filling about once a week with a hose)
  • How might the planter kick-start a gardening initiative at your school or support existing initiatives? 
  • Who are the staff champions that will be responsible for use and care for the planter over the year?

Competition Details 

Please send your submission to by 5 .pm. on October 19th, 2018.
There is a limit of one submission per school. 
The winning elementary school will be announced in early November.
The winning school will be responsible for ongoing maintenance of the planter box and any associated costs.

Want to know more about the planter box? Here is how it works:

LifeSpace Gardens developed this prototype planter to address some of the challenges commonly experienced with school gardens. Some of the key features include:
Self-watering Design – The GardenWell system reduces the frequency of watering, meaning less work for schools over summer months.
Raised Construction – Improves wheelchair accessibility and allows the planter to be picked up with a pallet jack and relocated if needed.
Durability – The heavy timber resists vandalism, while the waterproof liner prevents wet soil from contacting the structure, significantly increasing lifespan compared to traditional raised beds.  
Convenient Size – The 6’ x 3’ footprint makes it easy for school groups to gather around and also allows students to reach plants in the middle.
Vertical Growing – The custom trellis provides vertical support to plants that need it.