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Walking or rolling to and from school

August 29, 2018


Dear Parents/Guardians:

Subject: Walking or rolling to and from school

The North Vancouver School District encourages students to get to and from school in active ways such as walking, cycling and scootering. There are many physical and mental health benefits for students of getting to school in active ways, including improving mood, fostering positive self-esteem, better physical fitness, improved sleep, arriving to school ready to learn, and improved student safety from less vehicle traffic around schools and more connected communities.


The last week of August is the perfect time to practice walking or rolling to school. The school district, along with the North Vancouver RCMP, ICBC, the City of North Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver, would like to provide families some tips for planning and practicing your active routes to school:

  • PLAN & PRACTICE! Plan your walk or cycle route in advance, and then practice it and adjust as needed. Many schools have walk maps. Check your school website for your school's walk map (note: if it is not there, then it is currently in the process of being created). HUB has also created a cycling routes map of North Vancouver.
  • LOOK! Always look left-right-left and shoulder check before crossing.
  • LOOK! Pay attention to where you are going and do not use your phone or device while walking/rolling.
  • LISTEN! Remove your headphones so you can hear approaching traffic.
  • BE SEEN! Wear reflective materials or bright clothes and use lights after dark.
  • VISIT! Visit the Active and Safe Routes to School website section on the North Vancouver School District website for more walking and rolling tips.

We are excited to welcome students for the new school year and hope families will kickstart the year by getting to school in active and safe ways.


Mark Pearmain


North Vancouver School District