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Artists for Kids turns North Shore students into photographers (PHOTOS)

May 31, 2018

​Jonas Schilling / Contributing writer

Photo by Jonas Schilling, Carson Graham

If you were a guest at Stave Falls Power Plant on April 23, you were probably surprised by the busload of high school students, carrying cameras, tripods, lenses, backpacks and tons of other equipment, running around the old hydro power plant climbing onto or under turbines and old machines, or blocking the entire way for a couple minutes for a single photo!

Maybe you were also surprised by the weird jargon they spoke in, talking of things like “RAW files,” “white balance,” or “colour noise reduction.”

But maybe you were most surprised by the red and brown stains, that were all over their clothes, cameras and equipment.

Well, the truth is, it was the third day of the Artists for Kids Photography Enrichment Program. What started out really relaxed on the first day with a presentation by Michael Love of his photos and a casual photo session at Lonsdale Quay, turned into a muddy adventure inside Britannia Mine.

Diego Navarro, Argyle

Other than our previous photo sessions, this time we were shooting in dark lighting conditions and simply too little time for too many cool perspectives to shoot from.

Our main goal in those three days was to take pictures that stand out, that feature perspectives that you rarely see and that had a lot of thought put into them.

We were not only taking pictures but also learned how to enhance our pictures digitally, using Photoshop.

Kerstin Linares, Sutherland

The hardest part of the program, no doubt, has to be choosing the best pictures and cropping them down to be printed. With all the cool pictures we took in those three days, it was heartbreaking to only choose three out of the many awesome images we took.

The best part, however, was that we got to miss three days of school just to do our hobby, doing what we would do in our free time, anyway.

Although our teachers were a little sceptical that we were missing school on 4/20, these three days were full of cool photos and unique experiences.

Jonas Schilling is a student at Carson Graham Secondary

Every year Artists for Kids (AFK) offers a number of enrichment workshops for students across the North Shore. In collaboration with the North Shore News for more than 15 years, photography students have worked with local photographers and had their images published in the newspaper, as well as in recent years, online. This year students worked with artist photographer Michael Love to take a closer look at two national historical sites, Britannia Mine and Stave Falls Power Plant. The students were encouraged to document through their lenses the sites how they have been preserved and how they are now presented to the public. AFK would like to thank artist Michael Love, teachers; Sean Clancy, Kory Bogen, Daylen Luchsinger and partners the North Shore News, The Lab, and the Friends of the Ferry Building for their support.

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