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New Year's Greetings from the Chair and the Superintendent

January 06, 2014

Welcome to 2014! We hope your holiday offered a balance of rest, recreation, and social time with friends and family, and that you're looking forward to what the New Year has in store

Today marks a new chapter in the history of Queen Mary Elementary. Teaching and learning has now begun in the newly rebuilt, restored and seismically upgraded Queen Mary School. Staff and students have now returned to Queen Mary from their temporary location at Cloverley and we are delighted to have them begin the New Year in a new school.

The process of pursuing high priority rebuilding projects for Argyle and Handsworth Secondary will continue this spring. Over the coming months, the Board will lead efforts to encourage community awareness and input regarding the Cloverley and Lucas Centre sites and their potential repurposing to support the ongoing revitalization of facilities in our school district.  Regular updates on our surplus properties will continue to be provided through our website under Land, Learning & Livability.

We continue to make strong progress in relation to our 3-Year Operating Plan 2011-2014.  The Operating Plan provides strategies for achieving specific objectives that are identified within the 2011-2021 Strategic Plan's Goals.  Together, the Operating Plan and Strategic Plan serve as reference points for the future direction of the North Vancouver School District.

We look forward to sharing highlights of our progress and accomplishments with you in March, when we publish our annual Community Report.

We wish everyone the greatest of success in 2014!


Franci Stratton
Board of Education

John Lewis
Superintendent of Schools