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(SOLD OUT) DMA Workshop Series ft. the Vancouver Film School: Animating with 3D

January 08, 2018


The Digital Media Academy presents:


featuring the Vancouver Film School

“The Curious Case of the Bouncing Ball…”

Animating with 3D

Animating a 3D bouncing ball;  Animation principles that are essential to this 3D workshop are: timing and spacing, squash and stretch and arcs. The objective is to create believable movement and weight. The ball will start off-screen, then bounce across the screen (2 bounces on the ground minimum) and then bounces completely off-screen.

Assignment Goals:

•        Create poses by Manipulating and Keying the Rig controls.

•        Move, Copy, and Paste Keys in the Timeline.

•        Use the Graph Editor to adjust and edit animation.

•        Set the Maya Animation Preferences such as Frame rate, Autokey, Playback Speed, Key tickmark size.

•        Export a Playblast from Maya

•        Use the editable motion trail to track arcs and spacing of the ball.

3D Animation Workshop

WHEN: Monday/Tuesday, January 15 & 16th, 4:30-6:30 PM 

WHERE: Argyle Secondary School, 1131 Frederick Rd, North Vancouver, (Classroom 426)

COST: Free!

Please Note: Limited seating available & attendance at BOTH workshops is required

Please RSVP Jennifer VanderMye at:

The NVSD’s DMA / Digital Media Academy is a mini school program based at Argyle Secondary School in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver. The DMA is a specialty program for students in Grades 11 & 12 who are focused on animation, film, visual effects, graphic design, sound engineering, photography and web design. The DMA program is an enriched hands-on program that provides students with access to a broad and useful range of skills and knowledge in digital design, technology, project management and problem solving. The DMA incorporates STEAM in the curriculum which has enhanced the learning of the program as of the main goals of the Digital Media Academy is to prepare students for post-secondary training and the many career opportunities in Digital Media, Science, Technology and Engineering.