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Kristen Gill Recently Honoured as Geography Teacher of the Month

September 20, 2017


Kristen Gill, grade five teacher at Montroyal Elementary, was recently named Geography Teacher of the Month by Canadian Geographic.

As a continuation of her journey with geo-literacy, Kristen has been involved with Canadian Geographic and the amazing resources and opportunities they provide.

Kristen continues to play an active role as a Canada Geographic Educator, hosting workshops for teachers and has also volunteered with district-level learning teams, including Aboriginal Education and Curriculum Implementation.

"Canadian Geographic has amazing resources for educators, which are all Canadian-sourced. I love the new curriculum because of the freedom it allows BC educators to help students become global citizens who understand their world, and their role in it", says Kristen Gill.

"To be a contributing citizen requires an understanding; not only of how we interact with each other and the environment, but the environment itself."

With the hope of becoming even more involved with the organization, Kristen has reached out to extend her involvement by attending Canadian Geographic workshops and helping contribute to the Canadian Geographic Education website for educators.

Please join the North Vancouver School District in congratulating Kristen on this fantastic recognition. To stay updated on Kristen's upcoming adventures, be sure to tune into her blog.