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DNV 2017 Civic Youth Awards Announced

May 12, 2017


Artists for Kids accepts its District of North Vancouver Youth Award for Outstanding Youth Friendly Business/Supporter of Youth

The District of North Vancouver Civic Youth Awards Program recognizes District youth between the ages of 10 and 24, and supporters of youth, for their noteworthy achievements and contributions they make in our community.

Here are the winners for 2017:

Category: Youth Recognition Award
This award recognizes youth who made noteworthy achievements, or exhibited commitment to personal change and growth, including making great personal strides, overcoming personal or societal barriers, and demonstrating or possessing outstanding music, scholastic, art, or sports acumen.

​Student School
​David Hodgson  ​Argyle Secondary School
​Kevin Johnson​Argyle Secondary School
​Danielle RowlandsArgyle Secondary School​
​Seth Glasner​Handsworth Secondary School
​Antonio McLauchlan​Handsworth Secondary School
​Shirin Pedram​Handsworth Secondary School
​ Litonya Baker​Mountainside Secondary
​Jaden Grigg​Mountainside Secondary
​Logan Grata​Upper Lynn Valley Elementary School
​Conrad George​Sherwood Park Elementary School
​Linnea Goh​Windsor Secondary
​Micaela Mulleder​Windsor Secondary
​Harry Slim​Windsor Secondary
​Kade Steffen​Windsor Secondary

Category: Youth Community Enhancement Award
This award recognizes youth who made positive contributions to the community on a voluntary basis, such as serving on a committee, or other volunteer work with organizations and groups. All nominees must have provided a minimum of 75 hours of school or community services work.

​Adida DugganArgyle Secondary School​
​Sarah Markey​Argyle Secondary School
​Katie Rink​Argyle Secondary School
​Anika Louise SevaCarson Graham Secondary School​
​Nikolai Andrei Seva​Carson Graham Secondary School
​Emily Lanctot​Lynn Valley Elementary School
​Elysia Dalgarno​Mountainside Secondary School
​Hailey NicolMountainside Secondary School​
​Jasmine Giles​Seycove Secondary School
​Olivia Couldwell-Warrington​Windsor Secondary School
​Emily Gardner-Everton​Windsor Secondary School
​Sabrina Perera​Windsor Secondary School
​Isabelle Vaux ​Windsor Secondary School
​Nic McCullough
​Adam Ritchey 

Category: Outstanding Youth Friendly Business/Supporter of Youth Award
This award recognizes a business or individual that performed an exceptional job in hiring or training youth, providing opportunities to youth, providing funding for youth activities, or provided support and services to youth (support could be for one youth or a number of youth).
  • Dale Cheyne, Youth Services Supervisor, Parkgate Community Services
  • Frances Roberts, Teacher, Argyle Secondary School
  • Artists for Kids Trust
  • North Shore Restorative Justice Societyk

Category: Outstanding Youth Team Award
This award recognizes a group of youth who have completed a minimum of 50 hours per person of community (or school) service, resulting in enhanced programs or services for their school or community.

Outstanding group: YOUTH LAB
  • Emily Dorling
  • Virginia Fawkes
  • Carter Findlay
  • Mac Hardman
  • Jennifer Kim
  • Meg Lazarowich
  • Jennifer Tang