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Provincial Election 2017 – Public Education is the Key

April 18, 2017


April 18, 2017

Dear North Vancouver Community:

Subject: Provincial Election 2017 – Public Education is the Key

Throughout the current provincial election, the North Vancouver Board of Education urges all residents to consider that Public Education is the Key to an equitable and democratic society. Investing in public education creates a society where everyone belongs and is valued. By providing each student access to relevant curriculum and appropriate educational supports and resources, they can aspire to reach their individual potential. Well-supported public education systems equate to vibrant and resilient communities with reduced crime, less poverty, and healthy and supportive citizens. 

Our Board of Education wants to ensure that public education is a priority for all candidates and voters. We have communicated the following funding needs to each candidate:

  • Funding that is consistent and reliable
  • Support for youth mental health programs
  • Support for trades and life skills programs
  • Support for diverse learners
  • Resources to implement new curriculum 
  • Capital funding for new schools, renovations and expansions
  • Full compensation for all our employees

The North Vancouver School District is forecasting a moderate student enrolment increase over the next decade. More students combined with smaller classes is good news and School Trustees want to ensure that the Ministry of Education has the funding in place to support student needs and the necessary classroom spaces. Our Board of Education works hard to advocate on behalf of students and employees and we are committed to working with the next elected government to provide ongoing world-class educational opportunities. On May 9th, the North Vancouver Board of Education requests that members of the community vote – and keep the importance of public education in mind while doing so. 

We also invite you to our first public education All Candidates' Forum on April 27, 2017 from 7 - 9 p.m. at Carson Graham Secondary School. Please click HERE for more information. In addition to the forum, we asked each candidate in all three North Vancouver ridings to answer five questions related to public education. For their answers, please click HERE.


North Vancouver Board of Education:

Christie Sacré, Chair

Jessica Stanley, Vice Chair

Barry Forward

Cyndi Gerlach

Megan Higgins

Susan Skinner

Franci Stratton