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Update - MyEd password reset

March 17, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This message is an update to the incident that occurred to the student information system of the North Vancouver School District (NVSD).
All passwords to parent access to the student information system, MyEd, were reset accidentally on Thursday March 9. The cause was human error and steps have been taken internally at the NVSD to ensure that this cannot be repeated in the future.  At no time was sensitive information ever in peril.
Immediately, NVSD staff began monitoring login attempts and contacting users who were not able to login to their accounts. This continued on Friday March 10 and is ongoing.  A global message was also sent to all users on Tuesday March 14 instructing how to reset passwords and gain access to the system. As of Thursday March 16 we have restored 81% of the accounts that were active before the incident.
The other, unfortunately timed, complicating factor was that parents were unable to access their accounts over the last week using mobile devices. This outage originated from the software provider but it is now fixed. Availability of this mobile functionality has made it easier for parents to access their accounts and reset their passwords.
The NVSD sincerely apologizes for the frustration and inconvenience that this situation caused our families. We appreciate your patience as you had to regain access to your children’s report cards.
Mark Pearmain
Superintendent / CEO
North Vancouver School District