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Communicating Student Learning (Report Cards)

November 03, 2016


November 3, 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Subject: Communicating Student Learning


This fall, the British Columbia Ministry of Education issued a new Interim Reporting Order designed to support the new K-9 curriculum that was unveiled over the last few years. For North Vancouver elementary teachers and parents, communicating student learning will look different this year. The new elementary report card enables teachers to elaborate on student learning in relation to the new curriculum. While the overall look and feel of the report card remains the same, there are a few changes that allow for more comprehensive communication with parents. Secondary school report cards will remain the same this school year.


Elementary (kindergarten to grade seven) report cards:

What remains the same?

  • The grades K-3 performance standards remain the same.
  • Letter grades for grades 4-7 remain the same.
  • Comments on the report cards remain the same. These consist of what the student knows (content), can do (curricular competencies), and understands (transfer of big ideas and concepts).
  • Three report cards throughout the school year, with the final report card in June 2017.

What is new?

  • New look.
  • No work habits. In lieu of work habits, on the June report card, with the help of their teachers, students will reflect on their development of the core competencies (communication, thinking, and personal and social responsibility).
  • On the June report card only, there will be an assessment of careers and applied skills design and technology.
  • Report cards will no longer be printed. Instead, report cards will be uploaded to the MyEd BC Parent Portal. Further information will be provided to parents from their home school regarding account creation on MyEd BC.


Elementary FreshGrade classes:

For those elementary classes taking part in the FreshGrade pilot project this school year, report cards will be issued but will only contain performance standards or letter grades. These simplified report cards are in light of the ongoing communication parents are receiving via the Fresh Grade pilot project.


Elementary Parent/Student/Teacher Conference schools and International Baccalaureate (IB):

  • For Capilano Elementary, Norgate Elementary, Queen Mary Elementary, and Westview Elementary, reporting will follow a different process and parents will receive details from their home schools.
  • For Brooksbank Elementary, the first and third report cards will be issued as per above. The second term report card will be replaced with a parent/student/teacher conference.


Secondary school report cards:

  • Report cards remain exactly the same.
  • Report cards will no longer be printed. Instead, report cards will be uploaded to the MyEd BC Parent Portal. Further information will be provided to parents from schools regarding account creation on MyEd BC.


We are excited about the new curriculum and about the ability to communicate student learning to parents in a more comprehensive manner. The goal of reporting student progress is to provide ongoing meaningful communication to parents regarding their child's learning. Parents are essential partners in meeting the learning needs of students. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher(s).




Mark Pearmain


North Vancouver School District