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Students Trade Big for Fort McMurray

June 03, 2016


The Division 4 students at Canyon Heights Elementary School in North Vancouver are taking an unusual approach to Fundraising in order to help the residents of Fort McMurray.
“We wanted to do something to help people in Fort McMurray dealing with all the damage caused by the fire,” explain Division 4 students. “Our teacher challenged us to explore something other than a coin drive as a way to raise money.”
The students settled on a game called ‘bigger and better’ where the goal was to start with a seemingly insignificant item and engineer a series of ‘up’ trades and ultimately wind up with something of value that could either be donated directly to help a family affected by the fire, or sold with the proceeds going to the Red Cross relief efforts in Alberta.
“We started with a 10 cent eraser and began trading with other teachers in the school for items that were ‘bigger and better’ than what we had. Soon we began trading outside of the school with local businesses. We even tried trading with the Mayor!”
Presently the students have managed to turn the 10 cent eraser into 4 hours of landscaping from a local landscaping company, and are now discussing trading the landscaping services for an offer of $400 dollars’ worth of printing services from a local print shop.
“You can track all of the people we’ve traded with on our classroom blog and follow our trading progress. We are hoping that people will check us out and make us more trade offers!”
The students will continue trading until the end of the end of the school year on June 29th.