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Letter: High school students impress with thoughtful actions

November 07, 2022


This letter writer wishes to commend a group of high school boys from Windsor Secondary who helped clean up garbage scatterd by a bear. | Seksan Mongkhonkhamsao / Moment / Getty Images

Letter to the editor on the North Shore News.

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, I was walking my dog near Browning Place townhouses at 8 a.m. I looked ahead and noticed two young guys walking towards [Ecole] Windsor Secondary.

They had stopped and were picking up garbage from an overturned garbage can, bear activity evident.

I was so impressed that they were doing this when likely they had deadlines for the first bell. I spoke with them briefly, thanked them for taking initiative, and told them I would finish up as I had dog bags to not dirty my hands. They were doing this without gloves.

They left, and as I was finishing up, another student heading for Windsor, stopped as I was struggling to upright the garbage can.

“Do you need help?” he asked. I accepted his help and thanked him. He told me, “Have a nice day.”

I’m an active senior. I just want to acknowledge any young person who can engage like this.

I know I don’t know your names, and likely you don’t read the North Shore News, but you parents who do might consider mentioning this letter. Maybe one of those young lads – yes, all guys – might be one of your sons.

Maureen Roper
East of Seymour