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North Vancouver Board of Education approves 2022/2023 annual budget

May 31, 2022



For Immediate Release
May 31, 2022

North Vancouver Board of Education approves 2022/2023 annual budget

The 2022/2023 annual budget, which provides a planning framework to guide the North Vancouver School District’s staffing and organizational plans for the upcoming school year and balances estimated expenses to forecasted revenues, was presented to and approved by the North Vancouver Board of Education at the May 24, 2022, Public Meeting.

The overarching theme to the planning and preparation for the 2022/2023 budget year was “strategic, targeted investments.” Strategic, targeted investments align with the school district’s foundational directions (i.e. five educational priorities and six strategic goals). By allocating budgets strategically and prioritizing long-term financial sustainability, the school district will be able to move beyond the pandemic, maintain core services to students, and weather any unforeseen or material changes in planning assumptions.

The 2022/2023 budget (available for review in the Board package, pages 29-62):

  • Prioritizes direct support to students.
  • Requires no teacher layoffs and supports new investments in staffing positions.
  • Continues to develop district programming.
  • Relies on the accumulated operating surplus to balance the budget.

“We would like to thank rights holders, school district partner groups, and community members who throughout the budget development process provided thoughtful feedback, which was used to help inform the development of the annual budget,” said Jacqui Stewart, Secretary Treasurer. “We would also like to commend the Board of Education for approving a budget that incorporates Board-approved strategic directions, maintains the short-term and long-term fiscal health of the organization, and ensures the school district continues to maintain teaching and learning environments where all learn, share, grow and thrive together.”

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