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NVSD and NVTA work together to invest in teachers

January 27, 2022



For Immediate Release
January 27, 2022

North Vancouver School District and North Vancouver Teachers’ Association​

work together to invest in teachers

The North Vancouver Board of Education and the North Vancouver Teachers’ Association are thrilled to announce a significant increase to the amount of annual Professional Development funds available for teachers.

Commencing September 2022, rather than the existing fixed amount of $94,500.00, going forward, the fund for each year will be determined by a new formula tied to teachers’ salaries and so will increase with general wage increases.

For the 2022/23 school year, the new formula will provide a Professional Development fund of $143,544.00, which represents an increase of over 50% and reflects the parties shared view on the merits of such an investment for our valued teaching staff.

As shared by Scott Stanley, Executive Director, Human Resources, North Vancouver School District; and Katrina Russell, President, North Vancouver Teachers’ Association, “We are pleased that the positive relationship between the parties and cooperative approach that the Board and the Union each adopted in coming to this agreement has resulted in something that will provide increased support for our teachers for years to come.”




Lisa Dalla Vecchia
Communications Manager
North Vancouver School District