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North Vancouver School District
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metis2.pngThe Grade 4 Métis Cross-Curricular Teacher Guide provides teachers and students with information and instruction on the Métis people and their culture. The objective of the Guide is to answer the question “Who Are the Métis?”, and to introduce the distinct characteristics of the culture, including food, clothing, language, technology, music and dance, traditional values, family and community. Students have the opportunity to learn about the origins of the Métis culture and the significant contributions the Métis people have made in Canada historically and continue to make today.

metis3.pngThe main objective of the Grade 7 Métis Cross-Curricular Teacher Guide is to provide teachers with lessons and resources that focus on the contemporary Métis in British Columbia.  It is important that Métis people are noted for their roles in communities in BC and are recognized as one of the three distinct Aboriginal peoples of Canada.
AbWorldviews.pngEducators within the BC school system have asked for guidance and support that addresses the following questions:

  • What is meant by Aboriginal education and by Aboriginal worldviews and perspectives?
  • What is required of them and of the education system in order to provide appropriate and authentic teaching in line with the First Peoples Principles of Learning?  For example, what changes can they usefully make in their pedagogical practices?  What learning resources should they be using with students?
  • Where can they turn for guidance and support in modifying their practice to incorporate new content and approaches (some educators have expressed concern about mis-steps in attempting to incorporate Aboriginal perspectives and knowledge in their practice)?

This resource is designed to help address some of these questions. 
residentialschools.png​"This eBook is intended to be an interactive resource leading educators from the story to the 'back story' utilizing links on each page to offer related resources. Throughout this book you will find Project of Heart tiles with an 'aura' which indicates that this is a link. Click on each of these tiles to find additional resources including films, videos, documents, articles, activities, and more."

BC Teachers' Federation, copyright 2006-15 ​
​The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Ningwakwe Learning Press 2012 have published Truth & Reconciliation documents that support teaching and learning about "the residential school apology that the Canadian government announced in 2008 to Aboriginal people.  The Truth and Reconciliation Commission gathering in Winnipeg allowed residential school survivors and representatives from the churches and government sectors to share their personal stories on the impacts that were generated from the residential school system, and the importance of creating a positive relationship between the Canadian government and Aboriginal people."​
resschools.png resschools2.pngThese learning resources are designed to help Grade 5 and Grade 10 students attain an understanding of the history of the relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people over Canada's history.

While the instructional activities are presented in a structured format that is an example of how they may be incorporated, they are intended to be flexible in their use.