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WEX program

WEX 12A and 12B courses allow students in grades 11 and 12 to immerse themselves in the working world, earn new skills, and fine-tune their career goals before graduation. 

Students participate in, observe, and learn the tasks and responsibilities related to an occupation or career.

In conjunction with Career-Life Education and Career-Life Connections, work experience helps prepare students for the transition from secondary school to the world of work, for further education and training, or for other post-graduation opportunities.

WEX courses provide students with an opportunity to apply classroom learning to these real-life experiences, and to bring back fresh perspectives.

Students can see their school's Careers Programs teacher for more information about WEX. 

Goals of WEX

Source: B.C. Ministry of Education

The primary goal of the WEX program is to help students personalize their learning and prepare them for life after secondary school completion.

Through WEX, students have the opportunity to observe and practise generic employability skills, as well as skills specific to occupations, industries, or careers. Other goals of WEX include helping students to:

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