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Fine Arts Education
Engaging a community, together

Personalization of learning, through interdisciplinary thinking and utilizing Big Ideas, promotes deeper levels of student understanding within all subjects, including Fine Arts.

The Arts continue to engage students in learning that is active and allows for deeper understanding of the subject matter.

The strength of community within our school district's Fine Arts programming, including Artists for Kids, and Band and Strings, fosters a strong sense of belonging for our students that begins with the positive relationships established with our educators.

We see clearly the school district’s Social and Emotional Learning continuum enables student engagement and enhanced learning, with an emphasis on creating strong relationships and community.

All District Fine Arts programming creates a bridge that supports our students to develop the knowledge, skills and self-confidence as learners beyond their school environment, while building positive, engaged communities to support multiple career options for our students.

Educators and students immersed in Fine Arts are enriched by honouring and incorporating the First Peoples Principles of Learning within their daily practice placing community and respectful relationships as a priority.

An appreciation of how individual differences make our lives more meaningful, and the ability to share and celebrate these differences, continues to be the foundation of the Arts.

A Fine Arts education continues to provide all learners multiple entry points and adaptations to find success and a sense of belonging.

Check out the AFK from Home video series below, featuring art lessons from our visual arts teachers.








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​Click on the following links to learn about Fine Arts activities students can engage in remotely.

Three Things May
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Fine Arts Education Team

Allison Kerr, District Principal of Fine Arts

Daylen Luchsinger, District Vice Principal of Fine Arts

Bruce Sled, District Teacher, Music Education

Amelia Epp, District Teacher, Visual Art Education