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Career Programs

Students succeed when they are provided a rich diversity of engaging programs that inspire them to reach their full potential. Giving students the opportunity to learn about a multitude of career choices is paramount to ensuring every student is enabled to learn, grow and succeed.

The North Vancouver School District offers a variety of programs. These range from our programs that are school based, like Work Experience, which allow students to gain credit through their home school, to the YELL program.

We also offer programs that are  aimed at giving students hands-on career experience and training in trades. Youth Work in Trades (formerly the Secondary School Apprentice Program, and Youth Train in Trades (formerly ACE IT) offer endless opportunities for mobile, flexible and well-paying careers that suit students' unique interests. See below for more information on all of our programs.


Carpentry​C​ulinary Arts​Secondary School Apprentice​
Young Entrepreneurship and Leadership Launchpad​ (YELL)​​ 

RCMP Youth Academy