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Lacrosse Academy

Located at Carson Graham, Grades 8 - 12:

The Lacrosse Academy is scheduled as follows for the 2018/19 school year. Please note this is subject to change for next year (2019/20).

The Lacrosse Academy is scheduled for Day 2 Block 8.


About the Lacrosse Academy

The North Vancouver School District’s Lacrosse Academy, offered in partnership with Tewanee Consulting Group, provides skilled and experienced lacrosse coaches whose aim is to hone the skills required for success at field and box lacrosse, as well as to develop the values, skills, attitudes and knowledge needed to be healthy, active, global citizens. 

First declared the National Game of Canada in 1859, Lacrosse has multi-cultural history in our country, and the sport is becoming increasingly played internationally. It is currently played in over 50 countries world-wide.  Lacrosse also has longstanding significance as a sport to our local and national First Nations communities. The new BC Curriculum embeds First Nations Principles of Learning throughout all Core Curriculum subject areas.

The Lacrosse Academy will deepen students’ knowledge and connections with additional Aboriginal cultural experiences and explore the successes of lacrosse champions from both the Squamish and Tseil-Waututh Nations on the North Shore.

The Lacrosse Academy is open to students in grades 8-12. Vancouver. The program consists of a Lacrosse Curriculum, as set out by Tewanee Consulting and is in compliance with the BC Ministry of Education Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Physical and Health Education (PHE) 8-10 and Active Living 11-12. Students earn their grade-equivalent PHE/Active Living credit upon successful completion of the program.

Students enrolled at all secondary schools in North Vancouver will be eligible to attend, as the Academy will be scheduled in the afternoon to allow students to travel to Carson Graham. Please note: transportation to and from the Academy is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Click here to view the 2019/20 Lacrosse Academy flyer.

Application Procedure

Parents/Guardians of North Vancouver School District students must apply online to Out of District applicants should contact to receive the application link. Returning students must re-apply each year and will be given priority placement when their on-line application is received by the given deadline.

Selection for the Lacrosse Academy

Priority 1:  Returning students

Priority 2:   Waitlisted students from the previous year

Priority 3:   Lottery for remaining students perBoard Policy 605: Admission of Students to Schools

Total spots available will be dependent upon the number of returning students, the number of applications received, and the ability of schools to organize suitable timetables to meet enrollment and graduation requirements.

Fees for the Lacrosse Academy

The total cost for the Lacrosse Academy is $1,500 for the 2019-2020 school year.

The non-refundable Commitment Fee confirms placement in the academy and is due on or before June 1, 2019. If a family chooses to pay the remaining fee in installments, it must be set up for automatic withdrawal before August 31, 2019, with the first payment due September 1, 2019 and then on the first of each month through May 1, 2020.

Payment information will be included in the acceptance email. An additional course fee of approximately $925 may apply to out-of-district students. Non-payment or late payment of fees may incur a penalty and/or result in loss of placement in the Academy.


If you have questions about the Lacrosse Academy, please contact:

Rae-Ann Joseph, Tewanee Consulting

Michael Kee
District Principal