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Field Hockey Academy

Located at Sutherland Secondary, Grades 8-12

The Field Hockey Academy is scheduled for Day 1 Block 4.

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In partnership with Field Hockey BC (FHBC), the academy provides for the participation of all students, regardless of their field hockey experience. The program consists of a field hockey curriculum as set out by Field Hockey BC and is in compliance with the BC Ministry of Education Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Physical Education.  Students earn their grade-equivalent P.E. credit upon successful completion of the program. 

Academy players are eligible to dovetail into regional programming for a four-week tactical block prior to the regional tournament in April (at which initial Provincial selections are made).  A pro-rata charge for players who meet the criteria and wish to pursue the Provincial opportunities will be charged.

Click here to view the 2018 Field Hockey Academy flyer.

Please note: Registration in the Field Hockey Academy will not affect a player's ability to play on their home school's field hockey team. Transportation to and from the Academy is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

How to apply

Academy registration for the 2019-20 school year will be accepted between January 21 and March 1, 2019. No payment is required at time of application. The Enhanced Programs and Academies Information Night will take place at Sutherland Secondary School on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019 from 7:00 - 8:30 pm.

Academy registration for the 2018-2019 school year has closed and many academies are full to capacity for this school year. If your student is interested in enrolling in an academy, please email to inquire as to whether or not there are any spaces available. We are not accepting wait-list candidates at this point in the school year.


Priority 1 - Returning students
Priority 2 - Waitlisted players from previous years
Priority 3 - Lottery for remaining spaces

Total spots available will be dependent on the number of applications received and the ability of schools to organize suitable timetables to meet student needs. 

If applications are greater than the maximum enrolment, student selection for the Field Hockey Academy will be determined by a lottery in a manner consistent with Policy 605: Admission of Students to School.  Note: Those players not selected via the lottery will be placed on a wait list.


$2,500 program fee per school year

The first payment confirms placement in the academy and is non-refundable. It is due on or before June 1, 2018. If a family chooses to pay in installments, this must be set up for automatic withdrawal prior to June 1, 2018 with the first payment due September 1, 2018 and then on the first of each month through May 2019. Information for payment will be included in the acceptance package. An additional course fee of approximately $925 may apply to out-of-district students. Non-payment or late payment of fees may incur a penalty and/or result in loss of placement in the academy.


If you have questions about the Field Hockey Academy, please contact:

Melody Haddow

Chantelle Boyarski
Academy Teacher

Michael Kee
District Principal