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Student & Family Affordability Fund - FAQ

​To support students and their families who are feeling challenged with the rising costs of living, the B.C. Ministry of Education and Child Care has provided the North Vancouver School District with one-time targeted, special grant funding through the Student and Family Affordability Fund.

This one-time funding support will be allocated toward school-related expenses incurred during the 2022-2023 school year.

This FAQ is meant to address some of the questions schools have received regarding this funding support. 

How much support was provided by the Ministry to the North Vancouver School District?

The Ministry provided a total of $60 million to school districts throughout the province; the North Vancouver School District received $1.4 million.

What expenses are eligible for financial support?

Eligible expenses include:
  • School fees (e.g., fees for school sports and other school activities)
  • School/course supplies, such as:
    • Basic school supplies that may otherwise be purchased by families and students, such as pens, paper, etc.
    • Additional supplies for shop, culinary and craft classes, workbooks, camps, one-day field trips, cultural events, student society meetings including those related to equity, diversity, and inclusion, and instrument and equipment fees.
  • Clothing/footwear required for school sports or other school activities
  • Basic necessities
  • Athletic wear (for school athletics)
  • Family food security (groceries)
  • PAC hot lunch
  • One-day field trips​

How do I request support?

Please complete one or both of the form(s) available through the Student and Family Affordability Fund web page and return them in confidence to your child’s teacher, principal, counsellor or front office staff.​​

Will I be asked to provide receipts to support my request?


Can I request support for school fees already paid?

Please speak with your child’s principal to request a refund for fees already paid. Note: refunds will not be issued in cash or by cheque.

How does the process work in conjunction with the Outdoor School, Artists for Kids and/or Elementary Band & Strings bursary application process? 

Families may access bursaries for Outdoor School, Artists for Kids and/or Elementary Band & Strings through the existing bursary application process for each respective program. If additional financial support is needed, please also complete the "Application to Waive School Fee" form, which is available HERE​

Does this fund support Academy program fees? 

No. The program fee for Academies is not eligible. 

A limited number of bursaries is available for each academy. Visit the Academies​ web page for a link to each academy's program information. 

Can computers be purchased with this fund? 

No. The intent is to expand existing processes and practices at the school level where the funds can have the most impact rather than in purchasing capital items and equipment. ​

Does this support extend to community sports?

No. Funding is intended to support school-related activities and sports only. Example: while support is available for a student to participate in a school’s soccer team, support is not extended to fees associated with playing on a community-based soccer team.

Does this fund cover the costs of rent (housing)?


Does this fund cover the costs of household utilities?


Does this fund cover the costs of gas (vehicles)?