North Vancouver School District
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Food Access Program


The North Vancouver School District recognizes the value of ensuring students have access to healthy food and is aware that there are students throughout the entire school district who do not have access to regular nutritious food.

The Food Access Program allows access to nutritional food all day for every student who does not have access to food on a regular basis. The program is being phased-in throughout the 2016/2017 school year and will be fully implemented in all 32 schools by September 2017.

Funded through the provincial government's CommunityLINK (Learning Includes Nutrition and Knowledge) program, the Food Access Program is flexible and designed to meet the needs of each school. Each week, schools are provided funding to purchase nutritional foods to meet the needs of their specific students, and also to accommodate what the students enjoy.

Depending on the school, food is either centrally located or available in classrooms. Throughout the day when students are hungry they have easy access to the food. The types of food available include fruits, vegetables, dairy products and sandwiches - fresh and healthy foods. It is not a meal replacement program, but a hunger eradication initiative. Having access to proper and ongoing nutrition enhances students' ability to learn.

Letter from Superintendent Mark Pearmain regarding implementation on the Food Access Program.