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North Vancouver School District Learning Resources

The North Vancouver School District has produced and published a collection of teaching and learning resources that are used by educators throughout the world.  They include:

Our Turn to Talk and Firm Foundations

The two companion documents are written for primary educators.  They provide a learning continuum for the development of expressive language fluency and the acquisition of early literacy skills.  Both resources present strategies, activities, and interventions to be facilitated in both a play-based Kindergarten and socially interactive Grade 1 classroom.  Learn more

French Resources

The North Vancouver School District strives to provide all students with opportunities to succeed in challenging educational programs.  To support this goal and to provide clear directions and a basis for consistency and quality in the delivery of French Immersion programs, the District has developed a number of French language resources.  These include graphic organizers for Writing 44: Grades K-12; Reading 44: Grades 1-10; Math 44: Kindergarten; and Math 44: Grades 1-9; and a French language edition of Firm Foundations.  Learn more

Inspirations 44: A Kindergarten Extension Program

is a Kindergarten resource that provides a rich array of classroom experiences to deepen and extend the learning outcomes for a full-day Kindergarten program.  The framework is fully aligned with the goals of the Primary Program and the Early Learning Framework and structured to meet the needs of a diverse population of Kindergarten students.  Learn more

Writing 44: A Core Writing Framework

is designed to provide classroom teachers with a practical resource for the teaching of writing.  The documents include a balance of modelled, shared, collaborative, and independent writing components, strong assessment practices, and suggestions for differentiation and celebration.  Writing 44 is available for Primary, Intermediate, and Secondary grade levels.  Learn more  Sorry, Intermediate edition currently out of stock (March 2016)


Reading 44: A Core Reading Framework

outlines a classroom reading program for all students in Kindergarten to Grade 10.  Instructional activities and graphic organizers are included in the document.  Reading 44 is available for Primary, Intermediate, and Secondary grade levels.  Learn more   Sorry, Primary edition currently out of stock (March 2016)

Math 44: Teaching for Proficiency

includes habits of "good" math learners, topic pages with Learning Outcomes, exploration ideas, strategies for instruction and assessment, and suggestions for differentiation.  Math 44 is available for Kindergarten, Primary, Intermediate, and Secondary grade levels.  Learn more  


​For a complete list of available resources and ordering information, please see the North Vancouver School District Resource Price List & Ordering link.


The North Vancouver School District provides introductory workshops for each resource.  All workshops provide a philosophical framework as well as practical hands-on classroom activities to promote best teaching practices.  To book a workshop, please contact or phone 604.903.3777.


Please e-mail or phone 604.903.3777.