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Sep 09
"Belting it out" with Code Ninjas pilot program

By Jennifer Kinakin, District Career Coordinator

During the month of June, Diane Ehling’s Grades 5/6 class (Cove Cliff Elementary) and Sheena Montgomery’s Grades 4/5 class (Lynn Valley Elementary) took part in a pilot program aimed at exploring innovation and creativity in computational literacy while coding for games. The pilot was made possible through a school district grant designed to support students explore the career-related skills they will need to develop to prepare for the future.


"I like coding,” said Asher, Grade 5 student. “Dave and I love playing video games together, and it is fun to be able to create the game we play."

"You get to be creative and have fun,” explained Jaden, Grade 4. “There are examples for inspiration. I am learning how to code and know what X, Y and Z are on my screen and how to move and create objects."


Thank you to Code Ninjas for partnering with our school district to offer this exciting opportunity that allowed students to earn their "belts" while completing coding challenges on a student-centred platform that allows all students to work and learn at their own pace. 



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