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Dec 09
Superintendent’s holiday card tradition continues



​By MJ Sorba, Teacher

Walk down a hallway at Queen Mary Community Elementary and you’ll feel it. You’re in the heart of a culturally rich and inclusive learning community, which can be best described as resilient.

This year, the Grade 6 students in Division 4 were honoured to be asked to support the creation of the Superintendent’s holiday card, an annual tradition at the North Vancouver School District.


To prepare, students were asked to reflect on their personal connections to resiliency before researching a local winter bird they felt represented their story. Learners studied the unique characteristics of their winged creature and selected a photo they identified with.

During this experience, and led by Artists for Kids’ Director, Allison Kerr, students considered how warm and cool tones conveyed their stories before experimenting with various water colour techniques.


After the paintings were completed, each student’s piece was scanned and arranged at the AFK studio to create the collaborative narrative that our song unifies us.


Inspired by this creative task, students extended their learning by writing poems to share the perspectives of the winter birds of our snow-capped community.


We would like to extend our gratitude to Allison Kerr, for the opportunity to celebrate our learning community’s diversity and resiliency through this card project. We would also like to thank AFK’s Studio Technician Emily Neufeld, who assisted with transforming the students’ work into a digital image, and to Queen Mary’s Visual Art’s Teacher Todd Clark, for continuing to work with students to develop their images that are on display at the Education Services Centre for the month of December.

Winter Card Front 2021.jpg

A selection of student poetry

The Harsh Cold

By Atoosa

I may be small  

And fragile 

But I stand against this harsh cold nonetheless 

Eagerly flapping through the storming sky 

Snowflakes numbing my feathers  

Every tree covered in a white blanket  

I nestle deep into my home of twigs and branches 

Having an escape from this crippling weather 

I may be small  

I may be fragile 

but I stand against this harsh cold nonetheless


The Two Birds

By Annika

Two twins, different.

They sit and watch, the snow.

Such a lonely place, filled with bitter.

Though, we still sit.

Too lonely, two alive


Bird to Be

By Mila

My resiliency and independency,

Lasts me,

Throughout the winter without a splinter,

Quick and a slick,

I go without a prick


Wood Duck

By Cayla

The cold and crisp air surrounded me,

As a wood duck fluttered around the frozen pond,

I heard the snow crunch under my shoe,

As I felt the whisper of winter arrive


Snow Fall

By Aaron

As the snow fell down,

A bird flew high,

In the sky,

Through the snow falling


Red Tail

By Arvin

The hawk has a red tail,

It keeps him warm,

So he can’t be tired


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