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Dec 08
Westview’s Wild Wisdom Global Challenge

By Helen Chambers, Teacher

As part of an interdisciplinary unit on climate change, Grade 6/7 students in Division 1 at Westview Elementary recently participated in the Wild Wisdom Global Challenge, an international online school competition and digital resource for learning about the climate crisis.

The Wild Wisdom Global Challenge is a joint venture between the World Wildlife Fund, Sir David Attenborough and ITZA Media. It aims to equip students to be agents of change in this time of climate crisis, through educating students about Sir David Attenborough's four imperatives: Revive the Oceans; Go Net Zero; Eliminate Waste; and Re-wild the World.


To earn points and badges, students needed to engage with the content on the website by reading non-fiction articles, watching informational videos, and participating in quizzes to evaluate what they had learned.

Of all the schools participating in Canada, Westview Elementary came top of the leaderboard by a long margin! The two highest scoring students from Division One, Aia and Louie, were invited to participate in the Live International Final on December 2. This took place virtually and was live streamed on YouTube. Over 400 students from around the world took part, joining from 51 countries, including India, England, Ireland, France, Chile, Nigeria, Bhutan, Columbia and Nepal.


The bilingual event (English and Spanish) lasted just over an hour and featured a special guest appearance from Sir David Attenborough, who delivered a personalized, inspirational video message for participants, thanking them for their activism and for giving him hope for the future. Quizzers were asked 20 challenging multiple-choice questions, including, “What defines a carbon sink?" and, “Why are new hydroelectric power plants sometimes not a viable renewable source of energy for the future?"

Students gained points by giving correct answers in the shortest time possible. Although Westview students did not place in the winning ten, they enjoyed the experience and learned so much from participating. Congratulations, Louie and Aia!



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