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Nov 16
Environmental stewardship at Eastview Elementary

By Nicky Mey, Vice Principal/Teacher

The Grade 2/3 classes from Eastview Elementary (Ms. Herschmiller, Mrs. Mey/Ms. Jackson, Ms. Riglietti) are learning about plants as part of their science inquiry for this term.

Our environmental stewards embarked on a partnership with the City of North Vancouver and were part of an invasive weed pull in the community space at Eastview Park.


Students were dressed for very wet and muddy weather when they met with Frances and Alex from the City of North Vancouver who opened with a snapshot of the habits and growth structure of the invasive plant, English Ivy that is taking over our green space.

Armed with garden gloves, tarps, wheelbarrows and sheer excitement, students went to work in the forest, pulling up the relentless invader by the roots.  They shuffled the weeds by wheelbarrow to a tarp and then worked in small teams to carry the weeds to a big, green waste disposal bin.


Pulling weeds is backbreaking work, unless you are 6, 7 or 8 years old; then it is pure primal fun in an outside learning space.

The youngsters beamed with excitement as they regaled stories of massive weeds with roots as thick as a tree trunk, and their teachers smiled knowing the seed for environmental stewardship had been planted and now just needs to grow.



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