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Nov 10
Montroyal student calls on school community to put litter in its place

​By: Lisa Dalla Vecchia, Communications Manager

Kaycee H., grade 5 student at Montroyal Elementary, is determined to do her part to help the environment, starting with making the school's playground litter free.

Kaycee couldn't help but feel the school's playground had a bit more litter than usual. With the heat dome that happened this summer, Kaycee has been thinking of ways to make the environment better. By keeping the playground litter free, she believes this will be a positive step in helping the environment.


With the support of her family and Vice Principal Erin Vandekerkhove, Kaycee has placed posters around the school to share her idea of making the playground litter free. She will also be making regular announcements over the school's PA system, inviting students and staff to join her.

Kaycee is excited to lead this initiative for the school community and will be tracking her progress by measuring the amount of litter collected each week. The first day of litter collection happened in late October.

As Erin Vandekerkhove shared, “Thank you to Kaycee for being a student advocate for the environment and reminding us all that with effort, we can all help change the world!"


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