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Jul 15
Capilano student teaches others about Black history

By Student Liam Corona-Best

In grade 4, I saw my sister doing her exhibition topic, and when I found out what exhibition was, I knew I wanted to explore Black history for my grade 7-exhibition project.


When I first joined the school, from grade 2 to 5, I had problems with people who were using racial slurs against me. That started to change in grade 6 and now in grade 7, I’ve had no problems because I learned that when you teach and educate people where oppressive language comes from —slavery and segregation— and what it means, they tend not to use the language because they have a better understanding.

This project was important to me because I found that I enjoy history and I like researching the world. I noticed people turn away from Black history; they don’t look at Black history, and I felt I needed to help educate people so that Black history is better known and change can happen.

I worked with our Teacher-Librarian Ms. Farrell who provided many resources to look into to get as much knowledge as possible. I also had an outside mentor, Giselle, who works specifically in Black history and First Nations history. Giselle started by visiting Queen Mary Elementary and now goes to schools around B.C., specifically teaching B.C.’s Black history, as well as Canadian Black history past and current.  

I want to make sure my presentation is open to all. Initially, my presentation was more graphic with regard to the racism that occurs across North America, but I chose to take the more graphic aspects out because I wanted my presentation to be for everyone. I made a book for the library and a video presentation using Microsoft Teams for the students in both the primary and intermediate classes. I shared the entire presentation with my grade 7 class, which included the more extreme information, which I removed from the general presentation.

I am currently talking to Giselle about going to schools with her to teach Black history. I also teach something about Black history to someone every day.  I hope to expand to whom I teach and reach out to as many people as possible with my presentations.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

Liam Corona-Best

To view Liam's presentation, click here.


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