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Jul 09
Connection through collaborative printmaking

By Daylen Luchsinger, Vice Principal, Arts Education

In June, Artists for Kids (AFK) and Arts Education hosted a professional development workshop for educators and staff. The workshop was facilitated by local artists Sara-Jeanne Bourget and Mark Johnsen of Patio Press.


Sara-Jeanne and Mark presented on the power of connection through collaborative printmaking. Following the presentation, the group of educators discussed ideas of connection, what it meant to each of us—particularly this past school year--and then carved an image to be printed and shared. 

This process centered around a principle of reciprocity. Individuals were asked to create something that would be gifted to their peers. In this act of giving, a great sense of community was formed. 

Over two days, Sara-Jeanne and Mark printed each person’s visual response to the theme of connection; 289 prints were printed, totaling 17 editions. Each participant received one of these portfolios as a celebration of reconnecting.​



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