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Jun 18
Cleveland Elementary has Pride!

By Myriam Dumont, Teacher-Librarian, Cleveland Elementary 

Pride is in full swing at Cleveland Elementary.  

Students in grades 3 to 7 shared what Pride meant to them by writing their responses on colourful post-it notes. Some of the students’ responses include:

"I am me and you are you!"  

"Going beyond tolerance and acceptance."

"Even though you are different than others, it is ok to be different. Everyone is unique in a different way."  


"Loving and celebrating everybody’s uniqueness."  

“To me, pride means not being afraid of who I am and that I should be proud." 

“Freedom and justice. Peace and love." 

We also continued our annual tradition of having a Pride tattoo contest where one art design was chosen from over 100 student submissions. This year’s tattoo was created by student Tolu.



Myriam Dumont, Cleveland’s teacher-librarian, is also the school’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Lead and part of the school district’s SOGI Core Team.


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