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Apr 28
DMA Youth Expo 2021

The annual Digital Media Youth Expo, held on January 30, 2021, is a place where students, parents, families, teachers and the community can meet with representatives from many Lower Mainland Post-Secondary Schools, as well as local and global organizations, institutions and studios involved in digital media.

Below are summaries and reflections provided by students and staff who were involved in this year’s Expo.

Isabelle Spies, Grade 9 DMA Student

The Digital Media Youth Expo consisted of scheduled presentations from organizations like EA Sports and Think Tank Training Centre.

I attended the EA Sports presentation, as I’m interested in game design and wanted to learn more about the design process that happens in the gaming industry. Aria, a former DMA student, told me about the design process he and his partner went through to create the story for their game Wilted, which was very useful to me. I also got to see what the back end of a game looks like. I learned about what animation in games looks like, bugs in games, and how important it is to problem solve. >>Read more

Maren Brophy, Grade 11 DMA Student

One of my first impressions of this year’s Expo was how well the online space had been set up, with the entire Expo centered around one main Zoom lobby where participants and presenters could see a schedule of all the different events. Included was a list of separate breakout rooms that attendees could easily navigate to attend different presentations and connect with industry professionals and schools.

The Expo also featured a fantastic list of guest speakers and presenters. The first set of presenters included representatives from major studios here in Vancouver, such as Industrial Light & Magic and Electronic Arts, who discussed working in the industry, applying for jobs and the animation process. >>Read more

From Jennifer VanderMye, Digital Media Academy Assistant

This was the tenth year for the Digital Media Academy's DMA Youth Expo, and 2021 was a uniquely new experience, with the Expo fully online.

Past Youth Expo events have involved booth exhibitors interacting in person with attendees. With this challenging time, we had to 'reinvent,' and with the help of our collaborative partners at EA SPORTS, our ability to highlight industry experts and specialty schools was accomplished through Zoom.

Our exhibitors had a channel to showcase their school or company. We offered breakout rooms for specialized presentations including, ‘A day in the life of a Disney animator,’ ‘Motion Builder 101’ and ‘How to get into VFX, Animation and Game Development’ and more. I would like to acknowledge both Tony Da Roza from EA SPORTS and Andrew Cocking from SR Media and a DMA 2020 graduate. Tony spearheaded the Zoom platform management and behind-the-scenes tech support. Andrew not only manages the DMA’s social media presence, but also oversees and maintains our DMA and YOUTH EXPO websites, both of which are fully designed by SR Media. Thank you Tony & Andrew!

This year’s Youth Expo was a new experience for us, and having our industry and post-secondary partners interact online with the public proved to be an interesting concept that worked well.

From Murray Bulger, Argyle Secondary Teacher

The online Digital Media Youth Expo allowed students, family and the community to connect to a diverse group of digital media professionals from the comfort and safety of their homes. Attendees could engage with various organizations in a variety of digital spaces. This is a definite delivery model for the future for DMA as it allows flexibility for all involved to connect at convenient times and from anywhere on the planet. The future looks bright for the Expo and we hope to combine face-to-face with online in future events.

From Chris Miller, Argyle Secondary Teacher

The Digital Media Youth Expo was filled with amazing digital artists and instructors. The format of the online presentations allowed participants to have multiple options of who they wanted to listen to at the same time and allowed the Expo to have far more presenters during the day. Presenters were available in digital rooms to answer questions and provide students and adults detailed information. Tony Da Roza from Electronic Arts moderated all the digital booths to provide seamless assistance to all.

For more information about the Digital Media Youth Expo, please visit

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