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Mar 31
Collaboration through Printmaking

By Daylen Luchsinger, Vice Principal Arts Education 

Catherine Schechter’s grade 2/3 class at Lynn Valley Elementary recently enjoyed a unique opportunity to explore collaborative art making with internationally acclaimed Master Printmaker Jillian Ross. Based on Jillian’s lived experience in South Africa, the subject of rhinoceros was selected for students to delve into the collaborative opportunity printmaking presents.


On the day of, Jillian and I were warmly greeted by Lynn Valley Principal Chanin Smyth, but not so warmly greeted by the weather... it was snowing! After approximately 15 minutes of snowy weather, the sun came out and so began an enthusiastic afternoon of printmaking. 


Under the caring guidance from art educator Catherine Schechter, students researched and developed drawings of black and white rhinoceroses, focusing on details of their defining features: eyes, mouth, feet, tail, and horns.



The students explored new materials and techniques and learned through their senses. Questions included, “What does ink sound and feel like when using a brayer? Students also experienced what printmaking ink felt like in their hands.

test pic.jpg20210303_163251.jpgIMG_6343.jpg

Jillian’s time was generously supported by local art gallery Griffin Art Projects, where her collaborative work with South African artist William Kentridge will be on display May 22 to September 4, 2021. 

Jillian Ross.JPG 

I would like to thank the Division 9 grade 2/3 students, Teacher Catherine Schechter, Principal Chanin Smyth, Vice Principal Kendra Arkinstall, Artist Jillian Ross and Griffin Art Projects. 


To view Jillian Ross’ upcoming show at Griffin Art Projects, click here.


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