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Aug 19
From Larson to Carson - a tale of two friends

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Lauren Grey and Logan Weidner in their younger years at Larson Elementary.

by Lauren Grey & Logan Weidner, recent Carson Graham Secondary grads


Lauren first came to Larson Elementary in Grade 3, when she quickly became friends with most of the guys because she was into sports just as much as them.

One of Lauren’s first memories at Larson was her Grade 3 teacher, Mrs. McMordie. She helped Lauren transition easily and eased the stress and fear Lauren, like most new students, had.

Logan started at Larson in kindergarten, only meeting and befriending Lauren in Grade 3. From that moment, Logan remembers Lauren as someone who was always keen to play sports, preferably with the guys. Lauren won the Grade 7 athletic award at Larson.

After being in the same class for five years and being taught by some of North Vancouver’s most amazing teachers (Mr. Nipp, Mrs. Lanzi, Mr. Haywood and Ms. Lonergan), the two friends moved on to Carson Graham Secondary.

During their first year at Carson, Lauren played soccer while Logan played rugby. The following year, Lauren and Logan both continued in their favourite sports, but each added basketball to their athletic resume.

Learning basketball, a sport they were unfamiliar with, posed a challenge.

As Lauren and Logan continued their journey together, they helped each other grow on and off the court and field.

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Lauren and Logan are always supportive of each other, which helped maintain their high athletic standard, but most importantly, their friendship.

As the years went on their friendship grew stronger, just like their athletic capabilities and potential.

Logan eventually picked up football in Grade 10. In Logan’s last season, Lauren made him a sign for the annual Buchanan Bowl game against Handsworth (which Carson won 55-2). They both picked up many first and second team all-star plaques for their commitments and athletic contributions.

Keeping connected during COVID


While in-class instruction was suspended, Lauren and Logan found it hard to stay athletically motivated and even harder to find the incentive to complete online assignments.

For Logan, once Covid-19 hit the hardest, his hours at a local grocery store were increased immensely. He went from two shifts a week, which would help him maintain his school work and athletic responsibilities, to working 5 days a week.

Logan struggled to keep up with assignments but still did all the work he could. His teachers were very understanding and thankful that he was still working. However, Lauren and their friends grew bored at home.

They made plans to play a game of hide-and-seek, vehicle version. The friends all set out to meet at a parking lot to decide who would search for the vehicles in an unnamed location of North Vancouver. It was one to a car, unless other family members were there. Lauren and Logan made the best of this unfortunate situation, and of course, supported their friendship.


A most unique grad celebration


Like every graduate in the world, they were all deeply saddened to hear the cancellation of such a milestone event. The school district made the best out of a horrible situation. Their friends' parents also hosted a graduation ceremony once restrictions eased up. They followed all provincial health guidelines, and made it extra special for the group of close friends, including distributing “Covid Diplomas,” which had each student’s high school nickname on them.

Carson Graham Principal Suzette Dohm hand-delivered Lauren and Logan's special award, “Senior Athlete of the Year,” to each of them in July. They would both like to thank Ms. Dohm and Mr. Ian Kennedy (Carson’s former principal) for their support through their high school careers. 

Lauren Grey  Logan Weidner 2.jpgLauren Grey  Logan Weidner 3.jpg

Lauren Grey & Logan Weidner celebrate their graduation from Carson Graham in June.

Next year

Lauren has decided not to pursue any of her post-secondary athletic offers, as she wants to experience sports from a different perspective. Coaching and management has always interesting for her, and she is also passionate about being part of a professional women’s soccer team in Canada that would compete throughout North America.

She dreams that one day she will be able to work for one of these teams and help grow the women’s game. Lauren is attending SFU to first study Criminology and then to study business and sports management.

Lauren will be returning to Carson Graham to assist and coach the soccer and basketball teams next year.

As for Logan, he had accepted and committed to a football scholarship at the University of Alberta.

Recently, he was offered a professional rugby contract in France. After weighing out all options, Logan found an affordable and sustainable way to attend school while playing in France. The U of A football staff were very understanding of his decision and wanted to make sure Logan was still going to be able to get a proper education.


Staying in touch


With Logan soon set to be halfway around the world, and nine hours ahead of his friends, this will pose a challenge to stay connected like they used to.

Lauren and Logan plan to FaceTime when they get the availability in their new and busy lives.

With the simplicity of social media, all of their friends can stay up to date with any news or trips they go on.




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