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May 27
Eastview 'Morning Show' regales students at home

By Maria Spitale-Leisk, NVSD Communications

It's must-see TV every morning at 9 a.m. when Eastview Elementary families tune in to see school celebrities, principal Rick Chan and vice-principal Nicky Mey, deliver the daily news.

The pre-recorded messages from the enterprising educators set an uplifting tone for the day, before students dig into their studies at home.

"We have always had daily morning messages here at the school, so we thought by continuing this in a video format we would preserve a routine that the students would be used to," explains Mr. Chan.

Inspirational quotes and Joke of the Day are regular features on The Morning Show with Mr. Chan and Mrs. Mey. Monday always begins with an Indigenous worldview to guide teachings for the week, while Friday starts with an inspirational quote.

Serving as the show's backdrop is a penguin stuffie, Mr. Potato Head, a school jersey, special photos, and a box of Shreddies placed on the table, among other eclectic items.

"All of the items on the table are from our offices," explains Mr. Chan. "They have meaning for different students in different ways. Each day we add another item to the set. At the end of the year, we will do a time-lapse to show how the set has evolved over time."

Special guests – a.k.a., Eastview teachers – even pop by the Morning Show to say hello to students.

The hosts often ask students to answer introspective-type questions such as, "If you could donate a million dollars to charity, which one would you choose?

The ultimate goal with the Morning Show, says Mr. Chan, is to help maintain a sense of community and to bring familiarity to students.

Eastview students and staff have also been busy spreading cheer over the last few months.

In a display of care and compassion for their adjacent neighbours, Eastview put together a beautiful banner for Cedarview Lodge care home residents to see.

The five-metre-long message punctuated with colourful hearts was placed on a fence shared by Cedarview and Eastview, which have a long-standing relationship of inter-generational connections, explains Mr. Chan.

Cedarview banner 2.jpg

Cedarview’s manager expressed sincere gratitude, on behalf of the care home, with the following message:

"I just wanted to send a heartfelt thank-you to the students of Eastview School whose beautiful, colourful and thoughtful artwork is now on our boundary fence! What a lovely idea, and such a thoughtful and neighbourly thing to do. Apart from brightening up our boundary environment, it speaks to us that our community and our neighbours are thinking of us."


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