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May 08
Sherwood welcomes kindergarten students with special video

by Maria Spitale-Leisk, NVSD Communications

"I get goosebumps every time I watch it," says Sherwood Park kindergarten teacher Darlene Sulis.

Ms. Sulis is speaking about a special video the K Team at Sherwood recently sent to families of little ones about to embark on their learning journey.

To help welcome the new students, teachers enlisted Sherwood's veteran kindergarteners to show just how fun learning can be.

"Kindergarten is about creating and fostering relationships, so we really wanted to demonstrate activities that show the students working and playing together," explains Ms. Sulis.

This September your child will begin their magical journey, starts the video.

Sherwood's youngest students can be seen: dancing to the beat of a handmade Indigenous drum, sharing cupcakes among newfound friends, exploring nature in their backyard, taking a fantastical trip through a storybook adventure, mailing letters to Santa, and building Lego forts, among other exciting activities.

Are you ready?  Sherwood's welcoming committee asks.

Sherwood Kindergarten.png
Sherwood kindergarten students are pictured mailing a letter to Santa at Christmastime.

The heartwarming video is an innovative alternative to the typical kindergarten orientation that happens at elementary schools around the district every spring.

"We wanted something that families could watch at home to get a better sense of what kindergarten looks like and feels like at Sherwood Park," explains Ms. Sulis.

"We're hoping to convey a sense of optimism and anticipation for their child's kindergarten year."

The highlight reel also serves as a special keepsake for outgoing kindergarteners and their families to reflect on first memories made at Sherwood.

Take it from Ms. Sulis and her Sherwood friends, starting kindergarten is a pretty big deal.

"I can feel firsthand the magic that happens in kindergarten – it's better than Disneyland," she promises.


Sherwood Park kindergarten teacher
Darlene Sulis.


Sherwood Park kindergarten teacher
Victoria O'Hara.


Sherwood Park kindergarten teacher
Simone Meilleur.



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