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Feb 05
Trade Night helps students choose career path

By Jennifer Kinakin
Career Co-ordinator
Sutherland Secondary School

Our district trade night, on the evening of January 27, was a huge success thanks to the many exhibitors and phenomenal interest from our families.   

Approximately 350 parents and students were engaged in the stories of those working in the trade and technology sectors. Education requirements, career pathways, workplace culture, benefits and lifestyle considerations were among the many topics of conversations heard around the room. 

In our “Speaker Spotlight,” many were eager to learn about how gaining skills in the trades can lead to rewarding and financially stable, if not lucrative, careers.

It was our pleasure to host many small and large businesses, trade workers, firefighters, trade organizations and post-secondary institutions. They all showcased fascinating career options from work in the film industry to working in the marine sector, from working with concrete to working as an architect, from automotive and motorcycle mechanics to fashion, makeup design and horticulture. Demos ranged from hands-on to virtual reality.


The ITA was on hand to answer questions related to apprenticeship options and programs found in our district – Explore the Trades, Youth Train in Trades, and Work in Trades. A number of our excellent Work Experience Facilitators were there to discuss the WEX (work experience) programs, which are offered in all high schools. 

We’ve had some great feedback from parents and students who mentioned the information gathered was valuable and included a well-rounded, inclusive panel of exhibitors. Students appreciated the opportunity to sign up for tours of businesses and get involved in hands-on experiences.

It appears that there is quite the appetite for trade and technology education in our community. Feel free to reach out to your school career teachers and work experience facilitators.


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