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Jan 07
Students experience impaired driving via virtual reality
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Sutherland Secondary students recently experienced firsthand the effects of alcohol, a concussion, and drowsy and distracted driving.

ICBC’s Road Safety team, along with North Vancouver RCMP officers, paid a visit to a Sutherland in early December to give more than 100 students an up-close and personal experience with distracted and impaired driving.

Students had a chance to step into a distracted driving simulator, after patiently waiting for their turn at the wheel with Const. Lutz.


When one student was challenged to text and drive, she instinctively didn’t feel comfortable holding her phone while behind the wheel.

“I want to drive safely,” she said.

The students also donned the ever-popular fatal vision goggles, simulating various types of impairment, while walking the line in front of their classmates. Const. Liosatos asked each student wearing the goggles to imagine driving with that type of impairment and what the outcome might be.

The highly tipsy display always captures teenagers’ attention and teaches them a solid lesson in the dangers of driving under the influence.

Local ICBC Road Safety Co-ordinator Harvey Kooner said it was great to hear from the students about their experience earning their ‘L’ – and to learn many of them are taking driving lessons. 

CBC French-language reporters and BCIT Journalism students were on hand to cover the event, which coincided with National Safe Driving Week. 


“When students were being interviewed about their experience with the road safety activities, it was nice to hear that they appreciate this type of outreach by police and ICBC at their school,” said Kooner, who thanked North Vancouver RCMP Sgt. Peter DeVries for his efforts in making the Sutherland event happen. 

School district trustee Kulvir Mann also dropped by to lend a hand at Sutherland and talk to students about road safety.

The Road Safety team also visited Carson Graham Secondary recently with similar outreach activities.



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