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Dec 19
Handsworth students win BEST FILM

By Megan Hingson, Student, Handsworth Secondary School

The Zoom Film Festival is a BC-wide student film competition, where teams of up to 7 students in grades 7-12 must write, produce, and edit a short film, in a timespan of only 48 hours. At the beginning of the 48-hour period, students are given a prop and a theme that they must incorporate into their film. This year, the theme was “Haste Makes Waste” and the prop was a glove. Our team created a comedy short film titled “Date Night in Danish.” With a total of 8 nominations, we were awarded 1st place in Editing, 2nd place in Art Direction and Technical, 3rd place in Cinematography, and Best Overall film, which includes $70,000 in Vancouver Film School scholarships. There were over 85 film entries.

It was truly a memorable experience for all of us. Despite the many setbacks, like having to change our plot three times due to the drastically changing weather or having to film until 2 in the morning because a few team members were not available during the day, the memories we made and the relationships we strengthened makes everything worth it. As a team of seven, we were all able to use our individual talents (from directing, to acting, to editing) during the production of our film. The rush of energy, adrenaline and critical, last-minute thinking that comes with creating a film in such a short period of time was excellent for building skills as a filmmaker. We are honoured to be the first winners from Handsworth Secondary School to participate in the ZoomFest.


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