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Dec 05
Superintendent’s Holiday Card Design Contest 2019

class photo - for posting.jpgIoana Tatar's Grade 4/5 French Immersion students at École Dorothy Lynas Elementary with their holiday card creations.

Each year, a class is selected to provide submissions of student artwork for the Superintendent's Holiday Card Design Contest.

This year, Ioana Tatar's Grade 4/5 French Immersion students at École Dorothy Lynas Elementary were selected to create artwork with the theme of "Winter Wonderland."

"We did the artwork in three steps: we initially did the tree with paint then let it dry," explains Mme. Tatar. "The following day we painted the snow and snowflakes, and the third day we added our own unique stars that the kids cut out of Yuzen Japanese paper."

While painting their own winter wonderland, the students explored big ideas in the Arts curriculum. 

"Engaging in creative expression and experiences expands people's sense of identity and belonging," says Mme. Tatar. "I think it was great that students worked on helping each other, which made the process collaborative and engaging for everyone."

When asked about their favourite part of the project (Quelle été ton partie préférée de ce projet?), Annabelle answered: "Je pense que c'est les arbres et tu peut peindre les arbres."

Max said: "C'est quand on a peint les arbres."

When asked what he wanted to express with his project, Kai answered: "I wanted to show that I could be creative sometimes. I liked making the snow with white paint and a brush and a cotton ball. The cotton ball made it look like snowflakes falling from the sky."

Sarah said: "I drew the tree branches with my pencil first then painted it in with a paintbrush using plain black paint and I made the snowflakes using a pom-pom."

This year's winner is Sofia, whose artwork will be featured for this year's Superintendent's Holiday Card.


All of the student artwork will be featured on display at the Education Services Centre, on Level 2, by Reception, from December 4 until the Winter Break.

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