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Sep 30
Summer of work

By Mark Pearmain, Superintendent, North Vancouver School District

I want to share my immense gratitude to our school district's facilities and maintenance team. The amount of work they accomplished over the summer was immense! This work has made our schools safer, more sustainable and more comfortable for students and staff. Here is an overview of the work that was accomplished this past summer:


Argyle Secondary School: Replacement Update

Argyle.png Argyle2.png

Construction continues on the new replacement school with a completion date of September 2020. At this point, glazing, insulation and drywalling are going up in parts of the building. We are expecting the entire building to be water-tight by the end of January.


Handsworth Secondary School: Replacement Update

At this point, 95 per cent costing for the project is complete. The next major milestone is the public tender phase (November 2019-January 2020). Then, construction should commence in January 2020. Target occupancy of the new building is September 2021, with demolition of the existing school and construction of the new field in late 2021/early 2022.


Mountainside Secondary School: Seismic Upgrade

Seismic mitigation work commenced in July 2019, with demolition in Phase 1 of the project complete. We are currently beginning soil work in preparation for the external support structures to be constructed.


Queen Mary Elementary School: Portable


Installation of the portable is complete. The North Vancouver School District received our occupancy permit in the third week in September.


Eastview Elementary


New double-glazed windows throughout the older sections of the school were installed. The school will have enhanced thermal comfort, improved energy efficiency, and operable windows for natural ventilation.


Capilano Elementary

Capilano1.png Capilano2.png

Installation of new windows, rainscreen building envelope, new central heating plant, and classroom ventilation upgrades in older sections of the school. The school will have improved thermal comfort, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, daylighting, and operable windows for natural ventilation.


Seymour Heights Elementary


New ventilation units in the north wing were installed. The school will have improved thermal comfort, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and removal of gas fired combustion equipment within the classrooms.


Upper Lynn Elementary


New ventilation units in the east wing are being installed. The school will have improved thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency. The work will be completed by early fall.

Lynn Valley Elementary

LV1.png LV2.png

A retaining wall was installed and the back outside stairs were replaced.

Cove Cliff Elementary


A new ramp system was installed to enter the portable.

Larson Elementary


A window renewal project was completed on the upper south side of the school.


Installation of new water bottle filling stations in pre-1990 elementary schools is ongoing. This project includes dedicated piping to reduce potential lead in water concerns in pre-1990 elementary schools. The project is expected to complete in late fall with no disruption to instructional space.

The installation of carbon monoxide detection and monitoring systems in all locations that have gas fired combustion equipment is underway. The project is ongoing with targeted completion for late fall.


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