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Jul 10
Busytown Day at Carisbrooke
by Maria Spitale-Leisk, NVSD webmaster and communications assistant

A Carisbrooke Elementary classroom was bustling in June as students acted out their potential future careers.

Kindergarten and Grade 1 teacher Jessie Vroom set the stage for Busytown Day in her classroom.

The students mapped out what the town would look like, creating a 3D floor model, before bringing their imagined community to life.  

Each corner of the classroom was transformed for students to dip a toe into varied professions – a doctor, ballerina, teacher, archeologist, scientist, police officer, artist, soccer star, architect and lawyer among them.

Artists and Lawyers.JPG

Miniature city planners ensured their city was supported by all the proper systems, including a water purification plant. 

“This class really has talent!” says Ms. Vroom. “I was blown away at how all of the kids were so into the game.”

Meanwhile, a lesson in economics drove the students’ exploration of Busytown. They counted their play money, using math skills, and quickly learned how to spend the cash – and make more.

Certain careers yield better financial returns than others, the students discovered. Many artists were forced to drastically reduce the price of their artwork due to a lack of funds.

In the end, most of the money was in the hands of only one per cent of the town – which led to an uprising.

Builder for the very rich.JPG

Lawyers were blamed for overcharging, and professional athletes were accused of making too much money. That’s when Ms. Vroom stepped in and suggested the students try pooling their resources together.

“That technique worked for a short time, although the same outcome eventually happened,” she reports.

The Busytown exercise ended with everyone heading outside to play a game of soccer – the career choice of quite a few students in the class.



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