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Jun 10
Game Ready is making a difference

By Regan Rankin, Teacher, Eastview Elementary

Recently my students played football. Out on the school field, we learned how to throw a football, and catch a football, and kick the ball. And while this may not seem like that big of a deal – it was. It really, truly was.

Some students cannot focus as well as others. They become engaged in their learning in less common ways. Game Ready has been able to provide that engagement for my students.

On one visit, Mitch Barnett (a BC Lions player) from Game Ready gifted my class with a signed football. 

20190501_151821.jpgHe recommended that the kids research a bit about the player who signed it (Drew Bledsoe). This recommendation prompted a 40-minute research block on computers and sparked excellent questions and conversation, which then sparked MORE research! All of the students demonstrated 100 per cent engagement and remained calm, focused and regulated for the entire time. They were very proud of themselves – and of course, we were very proud of them too.

 During another session, Mitch taught us how to throw a football and do some kicking. Again, there was full participation and the students demonstrated a willingness to try something new and perseverance when things got challenging. Pushing past challenges and insecurities can be very difficult. The fun, active approach of Game Ready enables students to challenge themselves in fun ways.

Thank you to Game Ready and the Washington Foundation for making this fun and unique experience possible and for supporting students to succeed!


Myself and Mitch Barnett


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