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Jun 07
Supporting my foster daughter’s village school in Uganda

By Lorrie Welch, Teacher, Seycove Secondary School

This summer I will be stepping out of my box…by thousands of kilometers. I'm not the most avid traveller as travelling makes me a little nervous and I love living and working in North Vancouver. But, one of my foster daughters, Mercy, lives on the other side of the globe in Uganda, and she is worth the trip.

In August, I will be heading to Nashisa, Uganda, which is located in the southern part of the country. After the flight into Entebbe, we drive for eight hours to the village of 200 people. During my time in Nashisa, I will be meeting the teacher of the school and looking for ways to support the school. Teaching is my passion and I am really excited to be able to help students in another country particularly in math and science education.

I am collecting gently used school supplies to bring with me. If you have any items appropriate for grades one to eight, please send them to Seycove Secondary School. Items such as pencils, pencil crayons, rulers, chalk, solar-powered calculators and protractors are greatly appreciated.

Bringing a little piece of home with me to share halfway across the world will help in so many ways and hopefully inspire young people to dream of brighter futures. Thank you so much for your support.



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