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May 21
Students Share Inside Look at North Van's Late French Immersion Program

During the Heure de Génie (Genius Hour) presentations in the grade 8 French Immersion Class at Argyle Secondary, two students, Mina and Hector, presented a great, informative video about the North Vancouver School District's Late French Immersion Program to teachers and their fellow classroom peers.

Heure de Génie is a major project-based-learning assignment that spans several months and encourages students to pursue a creative interest they would otherwise not experience in our academic program at Argyle.

In this fun, interactive video, both Mina and Hector describe their journey throughout the Late French Immersion program and also interview teachers at various schools for their thoughts and experiences from the program.

The Late French Immersion Program at the North Vancouver School District is a two-year intensive prog ram offered to all students who have successfully completed Grade 5. In Grade 6, 100% of instruction is delivered in French with an emphasis on oral French, to ensure effective language acquisition.

English Language Arts are re-introduced in Grade 7 and represent 20% of instruction time, while all other subjects continue to be taught in French. In Grade 8, Late French Immersion students join their Early French Immersion peers for continuation of the French Immersion Program at the secondary level through to Grade 12.

This highly popular second language program is offered subject to space availability and the requirements of the North Vancouver School District enrolment and registration process.

Click here to check out this great video by grade 8 Argyle students, Mina and Hector, and learn more about the Late French Immersion program!



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