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Feb 12
Indigenous student profile - Kathleen
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Name: Kathleen Natrall
Nation: Squamish Nation/Namgis
School: Argyle

Kathleen is currently in grade 10 at Argyle Secondary. She is a Squamish Nation member and is also of Namgis decent. Last fall, Kathleen over came her fears of public speaking as she opened Argyle’s 2017 Remembrance Day Ceremony with the Traditional Territory Acknowledgement. She proudly wore her Great Great Grandmothers blanket, design by her Great Great Uncle Henry Spec, a Nagmis artist. 

August 2016, at age 13, Kathleen tried out for the U16 Softball Team to attend the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG). After implementing a rigorous exercise plan over the fall/winter until the tryouts in the Spring, Kathleen learned that she would be attending NAIG in Toronto with Team BC. Kathleen was the youngest player on the U16 team while playing and beating Team New York 7-4. Team BC battled teams for 5 days, beating Wisconsin for 3rd place. 

In November 2017, Kathleen received an Aboriginal Premiers Award; demonstrating leadership in her community. Kathleen volunteered her time with younger softball players & helped out with the First Nations Snowboarding Team. Kathleen also received recognition from Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Council (ISPARC) for participation on Team BC for NAIG for external Sport Credentials. 

As of now, Kathleen plays Rep B Softball for Vancouver Wildcats and continues to train as a Catcher. Although softball is Kathleen's passion she also is: a part of the NVSD Lacrosse Academy (as the
only girl), a member of Argyle’s wrestling team, and snowboards with the First Nations Snowboard Team.


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