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Dec 05
Lindsay - CBC Kids Reporter

LM1.jpgHighlands Elementary School student, Lindsay Meng, is not just a student...she is also a freelance television reporter with CBC Kids News! CBC Kids News is a national program that tells stories of interest to kids, and includes kids in the creation of the content.

"I decided to be part of CBC kids news because I thought it would be interesting to learn about all the news, and I thought it would be really fun," said Lindsay.

She has learned that when being a reporter, you have to be able to make things up on the spot and go along with whatever is happening. Her favourite part is going to wherever the shoot is happening and interviewing the subjects. The most challenging part, she explained, is coming up with the questions.

So far, Lindsay has done one story on Orange Shirt Day in Port Moody and one story on Litterless Lunch at Montroyal Elementary right here in the North Vancouver School District.

Congratulations Lindsay! Keep up the excellent reporting.



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